Nightmare on Bayshore is no more.  Fear not, from the ashes rises Black Rock Graveyard.


Hearse - Suspension

An faux-leaf springs assembly is made so the box has something to connect to the wheel axle.  Two of these were made of differing heights to account for the difference in size between the front and rear wheels.  They are secured to the carriage box via carriage bolts so it can be disassembled and stored.


Last Year

Halloween 2012 will officially be the last year of Nightmare on Bayshore.  A big 'Thank You' to everyone who has come out to check out our display over the last 9 years we've done this.  The neighborhood has been absolutely supportive of us and we hope we added to your enjoyment of the best holiday of the year.

Despair not - for we aren't moving far away.  Join us next year for Black Rock Graveyard on Lanyard Lane in Stansbury Park!


Hearse - Box

The box for the hearse is constructed using 1x4 common whitewood and 1/8" hardboard/luan.  The box sides are held together using angle brackets at the top and carriage bolts at the bottom.  This way everything can come apart for *cough* easy *cough* storage.


Hearse - Wheels

Time to make hubs for the wheels.  These will serve to hide the bolt/pin holding the wheel to the axel and add visual interest.  A plywood circle is cutout and a notch is routed on the rear side to fit over and conceal the bolt.  Decorative carriage bolts are added to the front and also to secure the hub to the wheel.  1/8" hardboard/luan is ripped down to strips, glued and nailed around the perimeter of the wheel. A plastic skull finial is added to the hub and the whole thing painted true black with some gold leafing applied.


New Project = Hearse

If you haven't guessed already, the new project is a horse drawn hearse.  First up are the wheels.  Obtaining a matching set of wagon wheels is easier said then done, so let's make some.  Two sheets of 3/4" plywood get laminated together by rolling out wood glue, clamping and screwing the pieces together.  To make the spokes, a straight edge is screwed to the middle and spun around while lines are marked.  After drilling pilot holes a jigsaw is used to cut out the pie-shaped pieces then the edges are rounded with a router.


New Project - ???

Getting started early this year with a new *BIG* project.  It's going to be great if I can pull it off.  Some teaser pictures for you - can you guess what it is?