Halloween 2009 has come and gone.  Just like last year, the weather was about as perfect as possible with very little wind.  Overall we had 267 tots (trick or treaters) in total.  Next years mission is to break 300.  No costume tracking for this year as I wasn't prepared but I did notice a trend with video game characters.

Halloween 2009 Day Photos

Smile for the camera!  Here's some pictures from the daytime.


2009 Setup Day 1

Worked on some zombies today.  I'm trying some latex gloves filled with wire and Great Stuff for the hands, seems to be working pretty good so far.  I also paper-mached some heads and filled them with newspaper and Great Stuff.  They were also wired with some green leds for eyes, you know, for that extra somethin' somethin'.  Setup the tombstones and fence with a couple of spotlights.  I've got a lot of painting and setup to do tomorrow!

Pumpkin Carving

Saw this picture online -- simply brilliant!


Snow! Eek!

It snowed today!  Snow + Halloween Display = Crap.  It looks like it will clear up before Saturday.