Fog Distribution

I tested a new method for distributing low lying fog this week to great success! Previously I used a 'venturi' style chiller with a cooler and PVC pipe (pictured below). I never could get this chiller to produce the low lying fog I wanted to fill the cemetery scene. The other day I saw a very simple design on the web using some 3-4" PVC and some fittings with ice contained inside the pipe and an elbow fitting outlet. Here's the link: Liemavicks $20 Fog Chiller

I made some modifications from Liemavicks design in that I simply capped off the end of the pipe and drilled three 3/4" holes throughout the length of the pipe instead of using an elbow fitting. Even with only 1/2 of the pipe filled with ice the end result was pretty drastic -- nice low lying fog that just hanged around for 2-3 minutes! I'm using Froggy's Frog Freezin Fog juice which is awesome. I'll upload some pictures soon.