2011 What's New

Here's the new stuff for 2011 with the thoughts and reactions to it:

  • Smell-O-Vision.  The fog was supposed to smell like wet dirt and cedar, smelled more like pumpkin spice.  Fail.
  • Giant Spider.  People actually sat their kids next to it and took pictures.  Will work out a scare with this guy for next year.  I hate spiders for the record.
  • Columns.  Where do you store these?  I have no idea, I'll get back to you when I know myself.  Lighting needs to be more potent.
  • Explosives Crate with TNT Plunger.  This was an afterthought done in all of 3 minutes while setting up, probably at a cost of 25 cents.  Those kids that like playing with fire were into it.
  • Girl Skeleton.  Another prop that needed some better lighting.  
  • Candles.  Added subtle atmosphere.


2011 Halloween Recap

Another successful year!  Unlike the Northeast, the weather was fantastic -- warm with very little wind which made for some excellent fog.  We had over 400 ToTs this year which is way more than we were expecting.   Really tried to have everything setup by Saturday night this year but ended up tweaking things at the last moment as usual.