2010 Photos

And here are the photos from the big night.   The fog was awesome this year due to the rain earlier in the day.



After some seriously dodgy weather all day, everything came together at the last moment. Setting up in the rain was obnoxious. We ran out of candy, so the kids that come out tomorrow are all getting tricks instead of treats. Apparently 15 pounds of candy isn't enough. Took some photos and video that will be put up on Monday or Tuesday.


Some progress finally..

With my work schedule sapping all my free time, I'm just now getting some time to work on some things.  First, interesting factoid -- Did you know mice like eating paper mache heads?  I know this because Walter and Henry (the Zombies) got their heads eaten in the off-season.  So I set out to make some new heads.  I found some black fake pumpkins that fit the bill nicely, they are foam/plastic so there shouldn't be any issues with rodents.  I also took some of the ping-pong eyes I made last year to make these guys look a bit creepier.